A Day In The Life

January 27, 2021 FTB 0 Comments

We’re chatting with the Business Development Manager, Eric Ramirez, today to learn more about what it is like to work at FTB. Eric has been working in the logistics industry for more than 12 years and has quite a bit of wisdom to share!

Tell us about yourself.

I was raised in Vancouver. I’ve had the honour to see how our city plays an integral role in the Global economy. As a major freight hub, Vancouver is a great breeding ground for top logistics talent being the gateway to the Pacific and having access to all modes of transportation. Having been working in the Logistics industry for more than 12 years, the things that have remained constant about me over the years have been building relationships and helping my customers grow their business by providing personalized logistics solutions. It is always an absolute joy knowing I assisted in making my customer’s job that much easier. 

I have had the honour to help countless businesses with their logistics needs. Knowing that I can be myself and do what I enjoy is a major perk of my job! I love deploying my knowledge of freight forwarding, logistics and supply chain to help others succeed. I take into consideration my customers’ perspective to intelligently make decisions and approach each assignment with thoughtful consideration. Having empathy and understanding allows me to be unconstrained to act in the best interest of my customers. I share everything with my customers from my knowledge of the industry in all modes including air and ocean, to sharing my resources to achieve operational and supply chain success. 

What time does your day normally start at?

My morning routine is quite simple. I like to start my day with a quick stretch to get the blood flowing into the brain, a glass of water to hydrate my body and a mental prep of the day ahead to map out my first objectives to steer me into a successful morning. Normally my day starts at 7am catching up on emails and following up via call with my trucks on the road. This way I stay informed of the loads that need my attention and I can provide my customers with quick updates on their shipments. 

What drew you to work with FTB? 

At FTB, I have had the opportunity to be able to start mega projects for my customers from moving large over length Steel Pipe for projects cross country to Newfoundland & Labrador. I’ve had the opportunity to also work on essential services like cross-docking N95 masks box by box from container to trailer for transport across the country when delivery transit time is of utmost importance. When our customers need us, we roll-up our sleeves to get the job done. That’s what drew me to FTB. 

FTB is Forward-Thinking and Boundless in possibilities. FTB allows me to think about what’s best for my customers and business partners alike. As an organization, we all get together every Friday, some through Zoom and some in-person to have open and transparent discussions within the entire organization. Sharing our departments achievements, goals, our thoughts and not forgetting our very funny memes of the week. We hold each other accountable and we lean into innovative technologies that make a difference in the Transportation industry. So stay tuned for new services coming around the corner.  

What’s the culture at FTB like?

FTB Logistics is all about getting the job done. Our team works hard for our customers by going the extra mile. If a customer needs exact dimensions of a custom built freeze blaster made out of a 40’ Ocean container, we take our measuring tape and go measure it. When a customer requires parcel delivery service agents, we go beyond the call by doing it ourselves first and recruiting and vetting qualified delivery agents. Making sure to provide onboarding, training and ongoing communication. FTB guarantees compliance with our customers’ procedures and policies. 

At the end of the day, our team means what we say and act on it. We get the job done so that you (our customers) can set it and forget it. 

What does your morning look like? Emails, calls, tasks & goal setting,  etc?

Everyday is different, I aim to be ready to tackle the day by 7am. However, that’s not always the case. Knowing I have shipments either picking up or dropping off in Florida, Pennsylvania or anywhere along the Eastern Seaboard for instance. I start working as early as 5am, catching up with my shippers at the start of their day and when drivers are most active over the phone. This way when a carrier needs help, I’m ready and able to assist. When I’m not coming up with solutions I start off my mornings with setting up my day by priority. Things like tracking down my loads on the go and following up with customers are first, then I tackle my ongoing quote requests and formulate plans with customers on ongoing bids & projects. Finally, I update my to-do list and tackle them, which can be anything from calling past contacts, talking with truckers to get a truckers perspective on industry news or mapping out lanes for multi-drop/ multi-pick loads.   

What does mid-day look like? 

Mid-day consists of monitoring that day’s workload, catching up with my customers and planning for the next day and week ahead.  I usually check in on the progress of my daily to-do list which consists of updating customers, submitting bids and follow-up with ongoing projects, all the while, making sure my customers know I’m available for any last minute requests. Like a few weeks ago, when a customer required me to pick-up building materials from 3 different pickup points around town, one point being his own home. I jumped in my car to meet with him and we both started loading the truck. The truck made it to Prince Rupert on-time and on-budget, and best of all I made a new friend!

Is  it  stressful work?

I wouldn’t call it stressful, I would call it challenging at times. I believe with proper time management and planning, no job is too hard or too stressful. Each task has its level of difficulty and it’s my job to find the solution to these real-time problems. Obtaining quotes, finding dependable trucks or clearing daily tasks isn’t stressful on its own. My view is to complete each objective in phases. There’s only one way to eat an elephant, one bite at a time. Plus, I have an optimistic view on things. When things get tough is when I truly shine in my abilities to go beyond the call for my customers. 

Do you enjoy it?

I love it!  Everyday  is something new, I pride myself on being multi-faceted. Being in transportation you gotta have a thick skin and light on your feet. One minute you may be working on quoting an ongoing project for multiple flatbed truck loads, to a remote job site in the Northern Territories. The next, you are planning how to ship brand new engines for a machine shop in Vancouver Island or simply working on a 90 lbs shipment across town that needs tailgate delivery services, all in a day’s work.

What’s the best part about your job?

I get to interact with incredible people  everyday from all walks of life. That’s the best part. In this business, you must have an appreciation for people. Treating everyone with respect, dignity and appreciation is what I enjoy the best.

Like I always say “I’m not in the shipping business, I’m in the people business. I just happen to ship stuff.” 

What’s the best part about working with FTB?

Working at FTB is like working with a group of friends with a common goal: to make the transportation industry a better place for all.