Our Team

Eric Ramirez

Sales and Operations Manager

Eric heads the Operations department at FTB Logistics. Eric has been in the industry for 12 year and brings a lot of experience to the table.

Prior to joining FTB, he served senior roles at TransGroup Worldwide Logistics, Build Direct and more industry leaders. He is also a certified International Trade Professional by the Forum of International Trade Training. Eric has a degree in International Business & Trade from Vancouver Career College.

When Eric is not working, you can find him at the park, beach or mountains. Eric loves hiking, skiing and being outdoors with his family and his 4 year old son. Eric also loves taking family trips and is looking forward to travelling again soon! 

Aqsa Sajjad

Marketing and Accounts Manager

Aqsa manages the marketing and accounts departments at FTB Logistics.

Prior to joining FTB Logistics Inc, she has worked with multiple companies on their marketing and branding across the globe. She loves to learn and stay up to date with marketing trends in the industry.

Aqsa did her fellowship degree in entrepreneurship and marketing from University of Oklahoma.

Outside of work, you would find her reading classic literature, working out, and planning travels for the future.